Dead Men Cooking

Alive, a German organisation advocating for worldwide abolition of capital punishment, worked with Rocket & Wink and Jung von Matt to publish “Dead Men Walking”, a cookbook with dishes that will hopefully never be served. Inmates on death row in the United States were asked what they would want to eat on their last day. Forty of the recipes were then collected in one volume, which was sent to key decision-makers worldwide. The cover material is made from American prison clothes, closed by the kind of belt used on the electric chair.

Recipes Against The Death Penalty

Dead Men Cooking Cover

Dead Men Cooking Cheeseburger

Dead Men Cooking BLT Sandwich

Dead Men Cooking Chefs Salad

Dead Men Cooking Fried Chicken

Dead Men Cooking T-Bone Steak

Dead Men Cooking Chao Hian Hunan

Dead Men Cooking Ham Tuna Sandwich

Dead Men Cooking Fish and Chips

Dead Men Cooking Vegetarian Pizza

Dead Men Cooking Cheese Macaroni

Dead Men Cooking Chefs Salad

Dead Men Cooking 12 Donuts

Dead Men Cooking Sweet Potato Pie

Dead Men Cooking Cigarettes and Cola

The Dead Men Cooking book supplements the forty recipes with articles on issues surrounding capital punishment, with a chapter titled “Death Penalty and Methods of Execution”.

Dead Men Cooking Death Penalty and Methods of Execution

Dead Men Cooking Electrocution and Hanging


The Dead Men Cooking project was developed at Jung von Matt, Hamburg (text and client service) and Rocket & Wink, Hamburg (design and illustration) by creative directors Doerte Spengler-Ahrens, Jan Rexhausen, Felix Fenz, copywriters Marc Freitag, David Wegener, Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus, Stefan Golde and Estelle Raschka, art director Alexander Norvilas, illustrators Alexander Rötterink, Reginald Wagner, Julika Dittmers, Adam Bunte, typographer Jule Dittmers.

  • Ann

    Absolutely disgusting and a disgrace to all the families of death row inmates. Shame on this so called anti death penalty organization!!!

  • Chelly

    This is just a total embarrassment. I am not only a prison wife but I am also a born & raised Texan. First of all I do not appreciate how the American flag is side by side with the German flag on this organizations site like we go hand in hand with this sick book. I don’t really like the fact how someone from another country is coming to America and is capitalizing off our death row inmates in such a tragic time in their lives as well as their families. You are a disgrace to good, honest, non profit death penalty organizations. So I’ve heard someone in the org. here says inmates are all about money when her husband is on Texas death row. Disgusting. I dare you to send one of these sick books to Troy Davis’s family and see how they feel. Did you send one to Rick Perry so he can get a good laugh and praise you for urging him on in his murder toll? Good job lady, please stay out of Texas….we don’t want you here. If you are trying to sell recipes then don’t put on the front how you hope they will never be served, what a moron.

  • Tyanna

    I have to say what a disgrace this is, this is not the way to make money for inmates and its a wonder any of them agreed to this. Good words chelly, totally in agreement with you.

    As an American myself, this is a complete farce and a laugh, so many advocates work hard against the death penalty and prison issues, instead of going forward, this farce has put about 4 steps back. I think the Alive organization has gone right down hill, which is a shame as at one time what a good organization it was, but not anymore

  • Erich

    You all had a typical knee-jerk reaction without reading the article properly and understanding it. Firstly this book is not for sale, it was sent as the article said to 40 Top decision-makers. It makes a strong point against the Death penalty. Also the American flag is there for the English version of the site. I must say that I personally don’t like some of the ways of Alive . Please try in future to think before you make comments or is this to much to ask for Americans??

  • sandra

    I have been an activist/advocate for coming up 9 years, Im from the UK, and i have to admit, i do not see a plus to this venture at all, so many of the families will see this as a kick in the face to them as well, sorry but had to vent my feelings on this.

  • Ann

    Well this book will be available in book stores… so Erich… you better read again… AND it has been sent to some decision makers worldwide and not to 40 … it has 40 food precipices in it … MAYBE YOU SHOULD GET GLASSES???

  • joannajohnson1st

    The worse thing in my opinion is to clean the oven after cooking. Eating strange meals is applied in many countries successfully, but the endless hours of scrubbing the burnt food and grease splatters is definitely a true Hell.

    Joanna Johnson, designer at Oven Cleaning in Sydney

  • laura clennan

    it made me look at it and think so if it turns one head and evokes a reaction it must have some value right or wrong – if it causes a reaction then it is good design if you like it or not ! How many pieces of art offend people – they can because it is art. It doesn’t matter if if it pleases or repulses it gets people talking – bravo