Dawn French Introduces New FlyBuys

Coles, the Australian supermarket chain, has brought in British comedian Dawn French to launch a new version of the FlyBuys loyalty card scheme. French appears in two television commercials delivering the new cards to Australian homes and walking through a Coles supermarket, encouraging viewers to make sure they open up their envelope to find their supercharged card.

Dawn French in Coles Fly Buys ad

Click on the image below to play the Dawn French Delivery video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Dawn French Supermarket video in YouTube

Coles customers will now earn one point for every dollar they spend, instead of two points for every $5. Coles is introducing My5, which gives Flybuys customers 10% off five products of their choice. Coles customers can go online and convert points to Flybuys dollars.


The Dawn French campaign was developed at Big Red, Melbourne.

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  • Catherine

    Why did Coles choose an English comedian to promote the new Fly Buys program, rather than use an Australian celebrity? Why not support the country that supports Coles…? There has been much negative comments about this poor decision on behalf of Coles….shame on you. Where’s your patriotism?

  • CiscoPop

    Why did Dawn French choose a company such as Coles who earns millions of $$ from poker machines and the misery they cause many people and their families. Especially now she is dating the head of a charity. Sold your soul Dawn for the mighty dollar.