Cravendale Epic Straws

Cravendale, the British milk brand, is rolling out the next phase in the ThumbCat advertising campaign, building on the momentum started with the Catnapped commercial and site with “Epic Straws”. Epic Straws on the surface may appear to be a fun past time for milk-loving kids, but are in fact a cunning customizable tool for stealing milk – Extreme Pilfering Instrument for Cravendale. Bertram Thumbcat and his comrades are following a cunning plan: get Epic Straws into every household in the country and so be perfectly placed to pilfer the Cravendale when the feline uprising happens.

Cravendale Epic Straws Catnapped Milkman

Cravendale Epic Straws

Bertrum Thumbcat has written and produced a film to promote the offer. Is there no end to his thumbed talents? Click on the image below to play the video.

Cravendale Epic Straws site

Click on the image below to play the Epic Straws Demo video.

Click on the image below to play the Secret Slurper video.

Click on the image below to play the Bottle Burglar video.

Click on the image below to play the Cereal Snaffler video.

Cravendale Epic Straws Inventions

The Epic Straw packs come with three variations: “The Secret Slurper”, “The Cereal Snapper” and “The Bottle Burglar”. They contain a number of clear straws and coloured plastic connectors that can be adjusted to make different shaped and sized straws. The on-pack promotion supplies consumers with a unique promotional code that can be entered on to a dedicated site, Photos of Epic Straw creations can be entered on the Cravendale Facebook page.

Epic Straws Credits

The Epic Straws campaign was developed at Wieden+Kennedy London by executive creative directors Tony Davidson and Kim Papworth, creative directors Sam Heath and Chris Groom, creative team Hollie Walker and Freddie Powell, agency producer Gemma Knight, production assistant Chloe Roseman, planner Theo Izzard Brown, account director Hanne Haugen and group account director Katherine Napier, working with Arla Foods / Cravendale director of milk and cream brands Mike Walker, senior brand manager Sam Dolan and brand manager Sophie Macaulay.

Filming was shot by Traktor via Partizan with executive producer Richard Ulfvengren, producer Grace Bodie and director of photography Dan Landin.

Editor was Ed Line at Final Cut.

Visual effects were produced at MPC by VFX supervisor Kamen Markov, creative director Jake Mengers, VFX team Stirling Archibald, Fabio Zaveti, Fiona Russell, Nicolas Seck, colorist Jean-Clement Soret and VFX producer Chris Allen.

Sound was produced at Wave Studios by engineers Aaron Reynolds and Joe Mount. Music was composed by Jan P Muchow at Robota Music.

Media planning was done at Carat.

The site was developed at Outside Line.