Conferencias Publicitarias Looking for Advice

Conferencias Publicitarias is an independent community with over 8000 members, bringing together people from the advertising industry in Colombia and Latin America to hear inspirational speakers from their field. The community has developed, a site where visitors can be inspired by quotes from William Bernbach, Leo Burnett, David Ogilvy, Bruce Barton, J. Walter Thompson, Rosser Reeves, Raymond Rubicam and other deceased advertising gurus. “If you want to hear the living ones, follow us every week” on Facebook and Twitter.

Looking for Advice site


The Looking for Advice site was developed at Tribal DDB Colombia by executive creative officer Rodrigo Bolívar, copywriter Alexander Pineda, engineer Nicolás Saldarriaga, web designers Mauricio Zambrano and Andrés Zorro, and social media producer Rodolfo Velásquez.

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