Come Back Untouchable

Dick’s Sporting Goods is running “Come Back Untouchable”, a television commercial inspired by Peter Berg’s TV series and film, Friday Night Lights, following a selection of young men and women-all real athletes-who are inspired by a coach’s post-loss locker room speech.

Come Back Untouchable Locker Room

“Come Back Untouchable” opens on young athletes downtrodden after a loss: we see defeated post-football game locker rooms, a pained runner on his knees at the finish line, a soccer player bested by another. An off-screen coach intones, “It’s tough to come this far and lose. It hurts. But you are defined in life by the way you respond to defeat. That pit in your stomach: fill it with fire.” The athletes then train with renewed fervor: they jog, they toil in summer jobs as construction workers and dishwashers; they lift, they practice. “You promise yourself that you will come back untouchable,” says the voiceover. We see the young athletes sink baskets, sack quarterbacks, out-dribble defenders. The spot concludes on the super “Come back untouchable,” and “Every athlete, every team, every championship. Every season starts at Dick’s Sporting Goods”.

Come Back Untouchable Credits

The Come Back Untouchable ad was developed at Anomaly, Worldwide, by chief creative officer Mike Byrne, creative director Seth Jacobs, art director Matt Walton, copywriter Johnny Dantonio, head of production Andrew Loevenguth, agency producer Carrie Lewis.

Filming was shot by director Peter Berg via Pony Show Entertainment, Bicoastal, with director of photography Tobias Schliessler, executive producers Jeffrey Frankel, Susan Kirson and producer Fern Martin.

Editor was Chad Sipkin at Consulate Editorial, New York.

Music is “Dancing in Our Graves” by The Cave Singers.