Cologne Zoo Valentines

Kolner Zoo in Cologne, Germany, is running “Tour D’Amour” this Valentine’s Day, promoted in a series of posters with romantically inclined animals, a gorilla, owl and camel. “Visit the Tour D’Amour at Valentine’s Day”.

Cologne Zoo Valentine Gorilla

Cologne Zoo Valentine Owl

Cologne Zoo Valentine Camel


The Tour D’Amour campaign was developed at Preuss und Preuss, Berlin, by creative director/copywriter Michael Preuss, art director Zuzana Havelcova, graphic designer Denis Junemann, consultants Nina Preuss and Janina Gutermann.

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  • Jenny Paulenoff

    I am studying Social Media Theory & Practice with @dr4ward at @NewhouseSU. I have subscribed to this blog and really enjoy reading it! I think these ads are really creative with the different animals shown in each. It adds an element to the idea of Valentines Day, and you wouldn’t generally see ads with animals in it for this holiday. It was a clever idea and gives good exposure to Kolner Zoo in Germany! #NewhouseSM4