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German animal rights organisation NOAH invited supporters to download a QR codes, print them and glue them in public places. The QR codes, online at, referred users to a video on animal experiments. Many supporters place the codes on out-of-home cosmetics advertising posters, earning the ire of the cosmetics industry and a Gold Pencil for Experiential Advertising/Events and Competitions at the 2012 One Show.

Code Noah Activists

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“Wer schön sein will, muss leiden, heißt es. In Wahrheit leiden nur unschuldige Tiere. Denn noch immer werden die Inhaltsstoffe von Kosmetika an Tieren getestet – teilweise sogar auf Basis gesetzlicher Vorschriften. Von den qualvollen Tierversuchen erfährt man in den Werbekampagnen der Hersteller jedoch nichts. Hilf uns, das zu ändern. Druck dir den Code:NOAH aus und klebe ihn dahin, wo er gesehen wird. Dahin, wo die Wahrheit aufgedeckt werden muss. Ausdrucken Aufkleben Aufdecken”.

“Who wants to be beautiful, must suffer, they say. In truth, only innocent animals suffer. Because cosmetics ingredients are still being tested on animals, sometimes even on the basis of legal regulation. We learn nothing about painful animal experiments in the manufacturers’ advertising campaigns. Help us change that. You print the code: from NOAH and glue it to where it is seen. To where the truth must be exposed. Print. Stick. Uncover.”

Click on the image below to play the campaign video in YouTube (HD)


The Code Noah campaign was developed at Jung von Matt, Hamburg, by creative directors Armin Jochum, Wolf Heumann, Andreas Ottensmeier, art directors Hendrik Frey, Hans-Peter Sporer, Tilman Gossner, copywriters Christian Kutscheid, Torben Otten, Georg Baur, agency producer Danilo Kloefer

Filming was shot by director I am Svensson via Slaughterhouse with producer Guido Wolff, photographer Jasper Engel.

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