Code Club Celebrities Interview

Code Club is a nationwide network of volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children aged 10-11 in the UK. The concept, currently being trialled in 25 schools, is being spread through the country with “The Interview”, an online video in which three children grill a who’s who of online coding. Niklas Zennstrom, founder of Skype, Joanna Shields, VP & Managing Director of EMEA Facebook, Chad Hurley, Youtube founder and co-founder/CEO of AVOS Systems, Dame Tessa Jowell, Shadow Minister for the Olympics, Brent Hoberman and Martha Lane Fox, founders of, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, world wide web inventor and director/professor at WC3/MIT. HRH Prince Edward The Duke of York lends his royal weight to the cause.

Code Club Interview

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The Code Club Interview video was concepted, filmed and launched in one day at the Founders Forum 2012. The concept was produced by Fred Destin’s team, working with Albion London creatives Jason Goodman, Sasha Orr, Nick Darken, Petrina Kilby, Clare Sutcliffe, Jack Gallon, Laura Muse, Ben Buswell, Andrew Singleton, Ceinwen Jarvis, Joe Smith, Alex Rosen, Hotspur & Argyle team Theo Delaney, Adam Lyne, Tom Mallion, Ciro Candia, Martyna Knitter, Sophia Millar, Anita Rajikumar, Dean Hewitson, Lizzie Wilkinson, Amy Philpott. Distribution was by Unruly team Arber Pllana, David Waterhouse, Louise Tullin and Sarah Wood.

Interviewers are Skye Goodman, daughter of Albion CEO Jason Goodman, Teal Darken, son of Albion executive creative director Nick Darken, and Jack Belcher.

Editing was by Jonathan Casey at The Quarry, London.

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