Coca Cola 2012 Olympics Cans

Design firm Turner Duckworth have designed a limited edition set of Coca Cola cans adorned with silhouettes of a selection of Team USA’s Olympic hopefuls. The cans feature diver David Boudia, boxer Marlen Esparza, wrestler Henry Cejudo, tennis player John Isner, hurdler David Oliver, gymnast Shawn Johnson, swimmer Jessica Long, soccer player Alex Morgan. The can design incorporates the stripes from the USA flag as either part of the equipment or movement for each Olympic activity. The cans will rotate throughout the summer with a new one hitting the market every two weeks, culminating with a can featuring a special composite logo in time for the opening of the Olympic Games.

Coca Cola London Olympics cans

Coca Cola London Olympics cans

Coca Cola London Olympics can

Coca Cola London Olympics Diver can

Coca Cola London Olympics Hurdles can

Coca Cola London Olympics Tennis can

Coca Cola London Olympics Gymnastics can

Coca Cola London Olympics Soccer can

Coca Cola London Olympics can packaging

Coca Cola London Olympics can packagin

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8 Responses to Coca Cola 2012 Olympics Cans

  1. Mark says:

    Thumbs up to coke… their packaging is probably their most affordable advertising medium and yet they’re always getting some new publicity out of it.

  2. James says:

    “Share a coke with…” was great. They should do a different can design for every gold medal they win.

  3. joanne wong says:

    hey, does anyone know where i can get these? USA or UK? thanks

  4. jan says:

    can you buy a set on line?

  5. George Schultz says:

    I am very upset .I bought 4 12pack cans with different sports on the cardboard cartons but two were not what was shown on the outside. Now I have 48 cans but only two desgns. False advertising.

    • jan says:

      the same thing happen to me i have 72 cans now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Vicki Levy says:

    I am very interested in buying a number if Coca cola cans advertising the Olympics. Can you advise me where to buy this product please? Many thanks!!!!!

  7. Scott says:

    I went to Ralphs and bought 6 packs. They are not in boxes so you can see what’s on the cans without opening it. What’s more, each six pack was of one design, but you can easily pull the cans out of the ring and build a “custom” six pack of as many designs as they have on the six packs on the shelf.

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