Claro Road Letters

Claro, the biggest mobile phone company in Latin America, launched a series of posters using typography to remind drivers about the dangers of texting while driving. Traffic accidents due to texting while driving are increasing at the same rate as smartphone sales in Brazil. The letters A, S, I and T are presented in ways that show the impact one letter can have on the lives of drivers and people surrounding them. The Portuguese message, “Basta uma letra. Enquanto dirige, não envie torpedos”, translated in English, “One letter is all it takes. Don’t text and drive”. The posters were displayed in more than 1,000 Claro stores and people started talking about it on Facebook, blogs and websites. The campaign won a Gold Press Lion and Bronze Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Claro A

Claro S

Claro I

Claro T


The Road Letters campaign was developed at Ogilvy Brasil, São Paulo, by chief creative officer Anselmo Ramos, executive creative directors Claudio Lima and Fred Saldanha, creative director Andre Kirkelis, copywriter Hugo Veiga, art director/illustrator Diego Machado, illustrators at Full Frame, account director Valeria Barone, account supervisor Camila Porto, planner Kajsa Mclaren, and Claro marketing manager Erik Fernandes.