Churchill with Martin Clunes

Churchill Insurance is revamping its nodding dog brand mascot with a new marketing campaign starring actor Martin Clunes. The TV ads feature a new ‘animatronic’ Churchill dog partnering with Clunes to come to the rescue of the accident-prone residents of a sleepy village, on a motorbike and sidecar. The 60-second clip, which carries the new tagline, “For great personal service, chat to Churchill”, was launched on 26 December and executions will run through until April, with online engagement provided through Churchill’s Youtube channel (thechurchilldog) and following him on Facebook (

Martin Clunes Churchill

Churchill the dog and Martin Clunes team up for a ride on a motorbike and sidecar. As they drive through the village they help a number of locals, including a farmer who drops some eggs, a man who’s lost his kitten and a handyman painting a fence! Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Martin Clunes explains to Churchill the dog how he likes a special offer… but he doesn’t really like pickled eggs! Click on the image below to play the Bog Off video in YouTube

As Martin Clunes reads his copy of “Home and Kennel” magazine he is bombarded with leaflets advertising things he doesn’t want. What he really wants is Churchill’s new home insurance offer… Click on the image below to play the Dog Shampoo video in YouTube


The Martin Clunes campaign was developed at WCRS, London.

Filming was shot by Dominic Brigstocke via Tomboy Films, London.

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