Chupa Chup Alien Spaceship

Chuck, the irreverent and unflappable Chupa Chups mascot, takes his Life Less Serious message to infinity and beyond in “Spaceship”, a commercial being shown through the Asia and Pacific regions. Armed with his trusty Chupa Chups, Chuck has a supernatural ability to go through any situation with an unmatched sense of unseriousness, including being abducted by a tiny alien spaceship.

Chupa Chup Alien Spaceship

Click on the image below to play the Chupa Chip Spaceship video.

The worldwide phenomenon of Chuck gave rise to the creation of Chuck Studios earlier this year, a long-term commitment to leverage Chupa Chups’ IP in social gaming.

Alien Spaceship Credits

The Chupa Chup Alien Spaceship ad was developed at BBH Asia Pacific, Singapore, by regional creative director Steve Elrick, deputy creative directors Adrian Chan and Douglas Hamilton, engagement planner Lindsey Cummings, strategic planner Alexis deMontaigu, business director David Webster, associate account director Joanna Yeo, account executive Samantha Dalton, broadcast producers Daphne Ng and Richard Mayo-Smith.

Post Production was done at The Mill. Audio post production was done at Fuse.

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