Chip Shop Awards 2012

The 2012 Chip Shop Awards winners were announced this last week, recognising the cleverest, funniest, and worst taste advertising of the year. The awards focus on ideas, allowing for concepts that have not been run or even accepted by a client. Winners of chips this year include a campaign against suicide on railway tracks and a free snowman from Ikea. See the site for the vinegars, nominations and further credits.

Considerate Suicide

The Big Chip (Grad Prix) went to Elvis Communication, London, for “Considerate Suicide”, a poster campaign that could never be run.

Considerate Suicide - Pills

Considerate Suicide - Toaster

Considerate Suicide - Chair

The Chairman’s Award went to Steve Lownes for “Free Snowman”, an outdoor ad for Ikea.

Ikea Snowman

Best Use of Plagiarism goes to JohnPaulGreen for “Every Lidl Helps”.

Every Lidl Helps

The People’s Choice Award went to Creative Vein for “Stop Childhood Obesity”.

Stop Childhood Obesity

Best Use of Shocking Copy goes to IAS b2b Marketing for “Bobby Aged 7” and Not News International for “Same shit, different day”.

CSCP Bobby Aged 7

Best Politically Incorrect goes to Big Communications for “Bucket” and Elvis for “Considerate Suicide”.

KFC Halal Bucket

Best Use of Bad Taste goes to C21 for “Heart Stopping Moments”, Fortune Cookie for “The Jacko Range” and Elvis for “Considerate Suicide”.

Dulux Jacko Range

Best Work for any Brand you Haven’t a Hope of Winning goes to Bonafide Creative for “Flogging a horse” and Greg and Thomas for “Hard Kid”.

Pedigree Flogging a Dead Horse

Volkswagen Hard Kid

Best Work for a Brand you Have but Haven’t a Hope of Running goes to Vital for Barclays Student Insurance.

Student Insurance

Best Remake of an Existing Advert goes to Fresh for “It has to be…” Click on the image below to play the It Has To Be… video.

Best Reject goes to Vital for Audi Christmas Window and EHS 4D Group for “Vin by Van”.

Audi Christmas Window

Vin by Van

Best Ad Applied to an Unusual Medium goes to Fifth Ring for “I doo doo” and Spank for “Volvo S60 Dodgems”.

I Doo Doo

Volvo S60 Dodgems

Best Advert Applied to a Mobile Medium goes to .99 Enterprises for “Keep Your Distance” and Award Whores for “Love/Hake”.

Safe Distance

Love Hake

Best Outdoor Advert goes to Steve Lownes for Free Snowman, .99 Enterprises for “Keep Your Distance”.

Best Ambient Media goes to Profero for “Glass Box” and Woolley Pay Gyro for “The Green Shoots of Recovery”.

Windolene Glass Box

Green Shoots of Recovery

Best Use of a Shop Window Postcard Space goes to Big Communications for “Dave’s Removals” and JonPaulGreen for “Think! For Sale”.

Dave's Removals

Safe Distance

Best Use of Blu Tac in a Shop Window Postcard Space goes to Pitch&Co for “Guitar Lessons” and Saatchi & Saatchi X for “Stays Up”.

Guitar Lessons

Pfizer Stays Up

Best Consumer Ad or Campaign goes to Elvis Communications for “Considerate Suicide”, and to Creative Vein for “Stop Childhood Obesity Campaign”.

Best Business to Business Advert goes to Iris for “Scared Teddy”.

Scared Teddy

Best Press Advert goes to Miami Ad School Europe for “Big Bubbles”, to Size for “Let Us Prey” and to HROC for “Tat”.

Big Bubbles

Let Us Prey

Lee Longlands Tat

Best Public Awareness goes to Gallusness for “Baby on Board”, .99 Enterprises for “Keep Your Distance”.

Think Baby on Board

Best Charity Advert goes to Big Communications for “Disappearing Panda”, and iris for “Forgot”.

Disappearing Panda


Best Online Advert goes to Miami Ad School Europe for “Last Horse Wins”.

Last Horse Wins

Best App goes to notwilliam for “Should I?”

Should I

Best Direct Mail goes to The Black Eye Project for “Wing Mirror”.

Wing Mirror

Best Packaging Design / Point of Sale goes to AaronShaw for “Toastie Loaf”.

Toastie Loaf

Best Self Promotion goes to King/Conradi for “My CV” and Grinterspencer for “The Creative Ransom”. Click on the image below to play the Creative Ransom video.

Best Use of Regional Dialect goes to Little Tadpole for “A?” and nbdesigns for “New hotspot Location in Newcastle”.

Specsavers A

New hotspot location Wi-I-Fi

Best Invent Your Own Category goes to Iris for Credit Crunchie, Gachon University for “Uncomfortable Cup”, Coolpink for “We’ve Cut a Bit Off”.

We've Cut A Bit Off

Uncomfortable Cup

Credit Crunchie

Best use of annoying jingle goes to IAS b2b Marketing for “We Buy any bra”. Click on the image below to play the video.