Centraal Beheer Birdie

Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer Achmea recently ran “Birdie”, a commercial presenting a farcical tragedy set in an American car show. The Centraal Beheer Birdie commercial features two young men who solve their parking problem by using the lowrider technology on their Ford Thunderbird 1965, squeezing under a fence. During the Chicken Dance the guys discover that the crowd is very excited about the arrival of the big Birdie. What is the Birdie? Another good reason to call Centraal Beheer.

Centraal Beheer Birdie Car

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Centraal Beheer Birdie Credits

The Birdie ad was developed at DDB Amsterdam by creative directors Joris Kuijpers and Dylan De Backer, agency producer Yuka Kambayashi.

Filming was shot near Miami by director Hein Mevissen via Bonkers, Amsterdam, with director of photography Ueli Steiger, producer Jan Jinek and executive producer Saskia Kok.

Post production was done at Hectic Electric Amsterdam by editor Martin Heijgelaar.

Sound was produced at Studio Alfred Klaassen. Music, produced by Geert van Galen at Studio De Keuken, is performed by Dutch band Bluegrass Boogiemen.

Click on the image below to play the Making Of video (In Dutch and English)