Carlsberg Social Experiments

Carlsberg beer is being promoted in Hong Kong with an advertising campaign celebrating people who stand up and do the right thing. Nine different cameras were used to capture the response of the public to four scenarios: a woman pushing a barrow up a hill, a drunk driver attempting to unlock his car, a group of mean men blocking a bridge to pedestrians, and a waitress unaware of an embarrassing tail.

Carlsberg Social Experiments Slope

You push and push and it just wouldn’t move. Which kind soul would lend a hand?

Do you dare to stop a drunk driver from getting into his car?

Mean men blocking the way on a bridge. Who will dare to pass? Click on the image below to play the Bridge video

A waitress in the bar has toilet paper on her dress. Will anyone tell her? Click on the image below to play the Bar video

Carlsberg Social Experiments Credits

The Social Experiments campaign was developed at JWT Hong Kong by creatives Sly Song and Barbara Fu, and agency producer Catherine Law.

Filming was shot by director Thomas Lo, producer Elvis Lo, assistant producer Mo Cheng, director of photography Meteor Cheung, casting agent Terence Li, hair and makeup stylist Kaman Ng, offline editor Thomas Lo at Wow Wow Tank, and sound engineer/music composer Ulf Olofsson.

Music is “One Man Army” by Jay Price.

Actors include uphill girl Ng Ka Yee, drunk man Yung Ka Wai, waitress Cheung Ho Yee Emily, mean guys Shek Wing Hong, Benny Lo, Ming Lawrence, Lai Wong, Wang Chi, Derek Lam, Ho Chi Hang Allen, Tang Chan, and Sze Hoi.