Caran D’Ache Let it Out

Caran d’Ache, Switzerland’s oldest and largest manufacturer of wooden crayon, ran “Let It Out”, a print advertising campaign featuring stylised red, green, blue, gold and white crayons, winning Gold at the 2012 Epica Awards. The illustrated crayons campaign reminds children, their parents and grandparents about what they love or used to love about Caran d’Ache: the sheer joy of creating that on some level everyone can relate to.

Caran D'Ache Red Crayon

Caran D'Ache Green Crayon

Caran D'Ache Blue Crayon

Caran D'Ache Gold Crayon

Caran D'Ache White Crayon


The Let It Out campaign was developed at WIRZ / BBDO Zurich by creative director Philipp Skrabal, art director/illustrator Paul Labun, illustrator Isabelle Bühler, graphic designer Katja Schlosser.

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