Cannes Design Lions 2012

Results are out for the Design Lions at the 2012 Cannes International Festival of Creativity. The Grand Prix this year went to Austria Solar’s Solar Annual Report 2011, produced by Serviceplan, Munich. Read on for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Design Lions.

Austria Solar Annual Report

Gold Design Lions

East Japan Railway Company, Get Back, Tokohu (Posters), Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan
The Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation, The Ultra Asian (Posters), Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan
Google Display Logo (Logo Design), Johannes Leonardo, New York, USA
Umino Seaweed Store, Design Nori (Promotional Item Design), BBDO Tokyo, Japan
Gerstenberg Verlag Cookbook, The Real Cookbook (Promotional Item Design), Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, Germany
Austria Solar, The Solar Annual Report 2011 (Publications & Business Communications), Serviceplan Munich, Germany
Guinness, Mountain (Illustration), AMV BBDO, London, UK
IBM, Think (Advertising Typography), Ogilvy New York, USA
Google Chrome, OK GO All Is Not Lost (Design Typography), Hakuhdo Tokyo, Japan
More4/Channel 4, Flip, Flop & Puzzle (Broadcast Design and Graphics Incl. Animation), 4Creative, London, UK
Turner Broadcasting Systems, The CNN Ecosphere (Online Digital Design), Heimat, Berlin, Germany
ASOS, Urban Tour (Online Digital Design), BBH London, UK
A.O. Smith, Sun Bathing (Temporary Retail), Leo Burnett, Shanghai, China
Audi Q3, Qube3 (Exhibitions & Live Events), KMS Blackbox, Munich, Germany
Deutsche Bank, Anamorphic Mirror (Exhibitions & Live Events), Art+Com, Berlin, Coordination, Berlin, Germany
Siemens, The Laundry Gallery (Exhibitions & Live Events), Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany
IKEA, Skarpsill (Own Label and Private Label brands), Stockholm Design Lab, Stockholm, Sweden
Menicon, Magic (Consumer Products), Dentsu, Party, Tokyo, Japan
Ministry of Tourism, India, The Hinglish Project (Consumer Services), DDB Mudra Group, Mumbai, India

Silver Lions

Expedia Travel, 15 Anniversary Posters (Posters), Creature Seattle, USA
The Guardian, The Whole Picture (Posters), BBH London, UK
Vicurban Community Fashion Space, Wearhouse Identity (Logo Design), Elmwood, Melbourne, Australia
Göteborgstryckeriet Print House, Lost & Found Catalogue (Publications & Business Communications), Happy F&B Gothenburg, Sweden
Penguin Books Malaysia, Fairy Tales, Graphic Novels, Travel (Illustration), Y&R Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Guinness, Roots (Illustration), AMV BBDO, London, UK
BMW Group, EfficientDynamics Sculpture (Advertising Typography), Serviceplan, Munich, Germany
Nike UK Fuelband, Nikefuel Station (Temporary Retail), AKQA London, UK
Family Care for Grassroots Community, The Keyboard of Isolation (Exhibitions & Live Events), DDB China Group, Shanghai, China
Deutsche Bank, The Brandspace (Exhibitions & Live Events), Art+Com, Coordination Berlin, Germany
BMW Vision Connectdrive (Exhibitions & Live Events), Mutabor Design, Hamburg, BMW Design Munich, Germany
Menicon Magic (Own Label and Private Label brands), Dentsu, Tokyo, Party, Japan
Swedish Environmental Protection, Swedish National Parks (Charities & Not For Profit), Happy F&B, Gothenburg, Sweden

Bronze Design Lions

Tokyu Corporation Complex Building, Shibuya Hikaire (Posters), Tokyu Agency, Tokyo, Japan
Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation, Design Fever! (Posters), Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan
Penguin Books, More Than Just The Classics (Posters), Y&R Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Committee of Organ Donation in Lebanon, Gift a Life (Posters), DDB Dubai, UAE
Adidas, Shoelace Business Card (Flyers, Tickets, Invitations, Postcards, Christmas and Other Greetings Cards), Age Isobar, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Pt Kie Indonesia, Daily Fun Math (Calendars), Grey Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Gandhi Bookstores, BookCalendar (Calendars), Ogilvy Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
Soho’s Secret Tea Toom (Logo Design), The Partners, London, UK
The Browsing Copy Project, For Browsing Only (Books), Beautiful, Singapore
Strichpunkt Creative Agency, Good Design is a Tough Job (Self Promotion), Strichpunkt, Stuttgart, Germany
Ryska Posten Ryskaposten (Promotional Item Design), S King, Stockholm, Sweden
Advanced Ice Cream Technologies, Bardot (Promotional Item Design), Landor Associates, San Francisco, USA
D&AD In Book and Nomination Awards (Promotional Item Design), Turner Duckworth, London, UK
L’Officiel III Beauty Salon, Blurred Eyes – Birthday, Fat, Old (Illustration), Publicis Brasil, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mercedes-Benz Argentina, Smart Twitter Spot (Advertising Typography), BBDO Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ministry of Tourism India, The Hinglish Project (Design Typography), DDB Mudra, Mumbai, India
180 Channel TV Identity (Broadcast Design and Graphics Incl. Animation), O Escritorio, Lisbon, Portugal
91 Rock, Deaths (Broadcast Design and Graphics Incl. Animation), JWT Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Google Chrome, OK Go – All Is Not Lost (Online Digital Design), Hakuhodo, Tokyo, Japan
Samsung Galaxy SII, Space Balloon Project (Online Digital Design), Hakuhodo, Tokyo, Japan
Warner Music Japan, Androp Band, Bell, Party, Tokyo, Japan
Royal Dutch Shell Pearl GTL Interactive Model, An Expression of Innovation (Offline Digital Design), Imagination, London, UK
Coca Cola, Happiness Refill (Offline Digital Design), Ogilvy Brasil, São Paulo Brazil
Leica, Backlight Panel (Point of Sale), F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, São Paulo BRAZIL
Fresh’n’Friends, Fruit Figures (Point of Sale), Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany
Faber-Castel Artist Color Pencils, Cafe Terrace At Night, The Scream (Point of Sale), Ogilvy & Mather Singapore, Singapore
Audi of America, Progress on Powell Street (Public Spaces), Venables Bell & Partners, Hood Design, San Francisco, USA
Dauro Oliveira, Orthodontics Clinic Signage (Public Spaces), Greco Design, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Umino Seaweed Store, Design Nori (Own Label and Private Label brands), I&S BBDO, Tokyo, Japan
Carlsberg Tuborg, Tuborg Bottle (Core Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Turner Duckworth, London, UK
Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Premium Brand), Sedley Place, London, UK
Coca Cola Summer 2011 Packaging (Core FMCG), Turner Duckworth, San Francisco, USA
Treiber Bakery, No Wrapping, Just Baking Paper (Sustainable Packaging), Jung von Matt, Stuttgart, Germany
JSPCA Relief Pet House (Sustainable Packaging), Hakuhodo, Tokyo, Japan
Vårdapoteket I Norden Pharmacy (Consumer Services), Stockholm Design Lab, Stockholm, Sweden
IBM Icons of Progress (Consumer Services), Ogilvy New York, USA
Infopress Off (Consumer Services), Cossette, Montreal, Canada
UNICEF, Good Shirts (Charities & Not For Profit), BBH New York, USA

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