Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions 2012

Cannes International Festival of Creativity has awarded six advertising campaigns with the Creative Effectiveness Lions, honouring creativity which has shown a measurable and proven impact on a client’s business, creativity that affects consumer behaviour, brand equity, sales, and where identifiable, profit.

Axe Angels

The Grand Prix went to BBH London for Axe Excite Angels Will Fall campaign, described as “Returning to Univeral Truths to Create Global Hits. In 2011, AXE Angels descended on 100 markets worldwide. The campaign took a globally recognised, iconic representation of male fantasy and made the biggest claim possible: ‘AXE Excite is so irresistible, even angels will fall’. The result was increased sales and a significantly profitable return on investment. See the Angels Will Fall campaign here.

Chrysler Born of Fire Eminem

Chrysler 200, Born of Fire, Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, USA. On February 6, 2011, Chrysler used the Super Bowl to air a two-minute anthem with 111 million people watching. The commercial known as, “Born of Fire,” featuring Eminem and the city of Detroit, launched Chrysler’s comeback and captivated the American public. See the Born of Fire commercial here.

Bundaberg Watermark

Bundaberg Rum, Watermark, Leo Burnett, Sydney, Australia. Diageo Australia responded to the Queensland floods of January 2011 with Watermark, a new brand designed to be a symbol of cultural symbol of resilience and recovery. Proceeds from sales became a significant revenue stream for charity. As a brand idea, it became a powerful platform to raise the spirits of Queenslanders through communications and a series of benefit concerts. Watermark helped Queensland and Bundy get back on their feet. Bundy was able to contribute over $935,000 from Watermark profits into the reconstruction of Queensland. See the Watermark campaign here.

Febreze Breathe Happy Social Experiment

P&G Febreze, Breathe Happy, Grey New York, USA. P&G involved real people in visceral experiences to prove Febreze makes the filthiest places smell good, no matter what they look like. Experiments demonstrating the power of Febreze were recorded and shared, encouraging connections through Facebook.

Germany's Biggest Search for Missing Children

Initiative Vermisste Kinder, Germany Will Find You, Germany’s Biggest Search for Missing Children, Kempertrautmann, Hamburg, Germany. Every year in Germany, more than 100,000 children and young people are reported missing. The world’s first organized network-based search for missing children was launched under the core slogan of “Deutschland findet euch” (Germany will find you). A range of initiatives, advertising materials and tools were deployed to draw attention to the Facebook platform, each communicating the name and URL of the Facebook search platform and sent out a universal message: “Join in the search!”. Within six months and using almost no media budget, “Deutschland findet euch” became the world’s largest network for tracing missing children. Today, the Facebook platform is supported by 120,000 helpers while 80,000 people use the “Deutschland findet euch” app. Four missing childsren have already been found thanks to “Deutschland findet euch”.

Snickers You're Not You When You're Hungry Youtube

Mars Snickers, You’re Not You When You’re Hungry Global Case Study, AMV BBDO, London, UK. The “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” global campaign began with a communications model that started big; finding a universal story that anyone in any market could connect with. Local agencies were given the green light to deliver creative work rich in local flavor so that it got people talking about the brand. In doing so You’re Not You When You’re Hungry has led SNICKERS into its most successful ever period of growth, growing the value sales of this 80 year old brand 15.9% in one year, capturing market share in all but two of the 58 markets within which it ran and growing global market share by US$ 376.3 million.

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