Canal+ Fuel for Fans

Canal+ football coverage is celebrated in “Fuel for Fans”, a commercial designed as an ode to the incomparable joy football lovers feel while watching a great game. Three fans travel across the country on their knees, fuelled by the euphoria they’ve caught on screen. “l’effet Foot” was released in July in association with coverage of the Champions League.

Canal+ Fuel for Fans commercial

Fuel For Fans Credits

The Fuel For Fans film was developed at BETC Paris by chief creative officer Stephane Xiberras, creative director Olivier Apers, art director Ludovic Labayrade, copywriter Antoine Lenoble, agency producer Isabelle Ménard, agency management team Alexandre George, Guillaume Espinet, Barbara Hartmann, strategic planner Vianney Vaute, working with Canal+ marketing team Samantha Etienne, Béatrice Roux, Mathieu Mazuel and Guillaume Sionis.

Filming was shot by director Bart Timmer via Henry de Czar with director of photography Alex Lamarque.

Visual effects were produced at Digital District, Paris, by editor Adriana Legay and Flame artist James Senade.