Bundaberg Red Nature’s Cruelest Joke

Bundaberg Red, the smooth variant in the Bundaberg Rum range, is being promoted in an integrated advertising campaign comparing the lot of catfish, pigs and butterflies with humans. Catfish have roughly 18x more taste buds than humans. Pigs have twice as many. Butterflies taste with their feet. Yet humans are the ones sipping red gum filtered Bundaberg Red whilst leisurely trawling the internet for entertainment. Bundaberg Red – A rum as smooth as life is rough. Three period-piece print advertisements have been followed by radio ads, and more recently a television commercial featuring the poor catfish.

Bundaberg Red Catfish

Bundy Red Catfish Award

Bundaberg Red Catfish Radio Spot

Bundy Red Pig Award

“Did you know pigs have twice as many taste buds as humans? But instead of reviewing inner city restaurants these little piggies start the night staring down the barrel of another barrel of bitter tasting, tail curling, un-identifiable slop. Fortunately these grievously overqualified waste disposal units cannot physically look up. For if they could, they would see that the farmer, who has 10,000 taste buds less than the creature he intends to baste in its own juices, starts that same evening sipping double distilled, red gum tree filtered, Bundy Red Rum. Bundaberg Red. It’s as smooth as life is rough.”

Bundaberg Red Pig Radio Spot

Bundy Red Butterfly Award

Bundaberg Red Butterfly Radio Spot

Bundaberg Red Credits

The Bundaberg Red campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Australia, Sydney by chief creative officer Andy DiLallo, creative director Tim Green, art director Matt Swinburne, copywriter Mike Felix, executive TV producer Margot Fitzpatrick, head of client service Peter Bosilkovski, account director Sam McGown, heads of art Grant Mcaloon and Vince Lagana, typographer Jason Young, print producer Jeremey Devilliers, account directors Claire Kesby-Smith, Sam McGown and Suz Rundle.

Photographer for the print campaign was Andreas Smetana.

Filming was shot by Psyop directors Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick, David Chontos and Dan Vislocky, producer Michael Schlenker, VFX executive producers Kim Wildenburg and Neysa Horsburgh, directors of photography Danny Ruhlmann and Mark Schwartzbard, Revolver live action producers Michael Ritchie and Caroline Barry, and editor Nathan Pickles.

Sound and music were produced at Song Zu by sound designer Abigail Sie, composers Ramesh Sathiah and Haydn Walker.