British Red Cross Crisis

The British Red Cross has launched a compelling nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the support it offers throughout the UK. “I am a crisis”, a TV advert with an ominous tone, features a young woman in hooded jacket walking with her dog through a local neighbourhood at night. The Red Cross believes a crisis includes everything from a house fire to an illness that leaves someone struggling to cope alone, and provides a range of services nationwide to help those affected. The organisation has seen an increase in the amount of people in crisis, and figures show that the number of people using Red Cross services – such as emergency response teams, care in the home programmes and first aid provision – stands at almost 1.1million in the last 12 months.

British Red Cross Crisis

Click on the image below to play the I Am a Crisis video in YouTube


I am the fire that leaves you homeless.
A heart attack in aisle six.
The prescription you can not collect.
I’m the boiled sweet stuck in your child’s throat.
The motorway pile up that leaves you traumatized.
The food shopping you can not do.
I’m the reason you need a wheelchair.
The flood that leaves you stranded.
The empty house when you return from hospital.
I’m a crisis and I don’t care who you are.

“A crisis can happen to anyone. Every year the British Red Cross helps over a million people in the UK, as well as abroad. With help in emergencies, care in the home and first aid training. BritishRedCross Refusing to ignore people in crisis. 0300 333 3330.”


The Crisis campaign was developed at Leagas Delaney by creative director Nigel Roberts, art director Alan Cinnamond, agency producer Michelle Hopkins.

Filming was shot by director Seb Edwards via Academy Films with director of photography Barry Ackroyd and producer Simon Cooper

Editor was Sam Rice-Edwards at The Assembly Rooms. Post production was done at Moving Picture Company.

  • Sarah Darcy

    Although these ads seem to be a little bit on the dark side (okay…a lot bit), I think that they are extremely effective. A lot of people do not donate blood or time because they do not see how crises directly affect them. I think the message that a crisis “doesn’t care who you are,” is an extremely powerful one and I applaud the Red Cross for doing something as daring as this. We need to remember that anything can happen to anyone and we need to help those in need as we would want to be helped.

    • Beverley Weir

      I think it is Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones. Same beauty spot/mole on her cheek and same beautiful eyes and face.

  • megan

    amazing advert. superb in fact. who is the actress?

    • Owen Traynor-Brent

      No idea, but she really has the look for this amazing advert. Dark, well scripited, great photography. I hope it gets more people to help. Oh an the actress is stunning.

      • Casey

        Yes.. she is incredibly, hauntingly, heart-achingly BEAUTIFUL.

  • Julie Davis

    I never knew that the Red Cross helped people in Britain so the ad was very informative, my daughter is having a really bad time at present so I have told her to contact them for help as no one else seems to be listening

  • Sarah Parker

    Her name is Amy Watson, and she IS amazing

  • den

    just a amazing advert been there

  • Leah Schinkel

    I really don’t like this advert. I know this is going against popular views, but out of everyone, a teenager in a hoodie is the actress? I understand the message of the advert being a crisis can happen to anyone, but teenagers already get bad press for being thugs and the cause of bad things even without an advert with one saying ‘I am a crisis and I don’t care who you are’

    Call me overly sensitive but I just think that there is a subliminal message to the advert (unintended I’m sure) that I don’t agree with