Bridgestone Performance Balls and Puck

Bridgestone has started the build up to the 2012 Super Bowl with teasers for a campaign, “Performance Balls and Puck”, launched during the Bridgestone Winter Classic hockey game on NBC. Sports commentators Mike Milbury (ice hockey), Barry Melrose (hockey), and Dick Vitale (bastketball) compete with rising ESPN start Michelle Beadle to get the scoop on the “Time to Perform” mock press conference. The campaign is being fostered on Facebook (Performance Balls and Puck) and Twitter (@Bridgestone).

Bridgestone Performance Ball

The engineers at Bridgestone have infused their new Performance Football with the same curve-hugging, cutting-edge technology from their Potenza tires. And as sports legends Troy Aikman and Deion Sanders are about to learn, the game may never be the same. Click on the image below to play the Super Bowl video in YouTube

The engineers at Bridgestone are about to make a very important announcement: they’re going to take their vast knowledge of performance on the road and bring it to the playing fields of the world; a bold move that promises to revolutionize sports as we know it. Click on the image below to play the Press Conference video in YouTube

Follow the biggest sports reporters as they try to break the story of how Bridgestone is going to attempt to revolutionize the world of sports by bringing their tire technologies to each sport. Click on the image below to play the Brains vs Brawn video in YouTube

Sports legend Dick Vitale is tracking the Bridgestone story but a rising star in Michelle Beadle thinks she will get the scoop first. Click on the image below to play the Don’t Underestimate the Beadle video in YouTube

Dick Vitale and Michelle Beadle are committed to their Twitter communication strategy. NHL commentators Mike Milbury and Barry Melrose are committed to staying off Twitter. Click on the image below to play the Shocked and Tweetless video in YouTube

Bridgestone Performance Ball

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  • Bill Jackolin

    Where can I purchase the Bridgestone puck?

  • keith

    Yah i would like to purchase the basketball where can i get one

  • jim


  • Kraig

    I am a big college basketball fan and car guy, would like to get my hands on one of the basketballs, help me out!

  • collin

    How can i get one of the footballs? Love the design!

    • johnnie

      I have a 2007 football that was giving out at the superbowl game bridgstone white&brown

  • Emery

    I have a basket ball and a puck if anyone is interested in buying them from me. Just make me an offer.

  • Chris

    Can I buy one of those footballs? My local dealer had one in his store and said they could be purchased on line.

  • How much would u want and where did u get them?

  • Big e you can buy them here

  • Rece brackett

    Do they work like in the commercial

  • JP

    I am interested in buying the puck but the website says they only deliver in US.
    I live in Canada, anyone knows where I can purchase it and have it delivered to Canada.

  • You can buy your own Bridgestone Balls and Pucks directly from Bridgestone at

  • jennifer rawlings

    how long does it take for shipping…i ordered a football and basketball and never got any confirmation email or anything. i ordered them for a gift so would like to know when to expect them. the money for them came out of my account immediately but no email or anything

  • Robert

    I love to get either the Bridgestone soccer or basket ball the Bridgestone commercials are my favorite and I love playing sports.

  • Jorge Alvarez

    I would like to buy the football and basketball please get back to me to see how to.

  • George Fleming

    Are footballs for sale? If so, would like to buy two.