Bombay Sapphire Electro

Bombay Sapphire, the gin brand distributed by Bacardi, is being distributed The Electro Global Travel Retail pack, a limited edition gift pack using electroluminescence. Electroluminescent ink is used to light up the Bombay Sapphire design, accentuating the motto, “Infused with Imagination”. The current is conducted from the battery on the base of the pack which uses a hidden mechanical switch to activate it. When the package is picked up, the current runs through the various pathways illuminating them sequentially thereby creating a cascading effect. Each cycle of animation is 18 seconds long at which point the sequence stops until activated again.

Bombay Sapphire Electroluminescent

Bombay Sapphire Electroluminescent


The Electro pack design was developed at Webb deVlam, using the original illustration by Yehrin Tong, and manufactured at German packaging manufacturer Karl Knauer.

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