BMW X3 Launch Banners

BMW‘s X3 Launch, designed by Cundari in Canada, has won a People’s Voice award for banner campaign at the 2012 Webby Awards. The launch, centered around the concept, “Joy can take you anywhere”, had three key online banner elements. The world’s largest banner contains over 5500 words of totally original content and is over 18000 pixels in screen height. The Voken Banner ad used a 3D snowball from the cinema commercial to “hit” users in the face, calling their attention to dynamic footage of the new X3. The interactive banner campaign gave people the chance to edit their own commercials in a banner. After creating their own cut the user could then share their video on Facebook. Their friends could watch the video and then create their own version, all without leaving the Facebook newsfeed or wall.

BMW How Tall is 18001 Pixels

BMW Snowball Banner Ad

BMW Interactive Banner Ad


The BMX X3 Launch banner campaign was developed at Cundari, Toronto, by chief creative officer Brent Choi, copywriter Brian Murray, art director Marcella Coad, associate creative director/art director Raul Garcia, associate creative director Cory Eisentraut, account director Daryn Sutherland, Flash designer John Filleti, account managers Katie Lynn and Devon Enright, working with BMW marketing director Marc Belcourt, developer Jonathan Lee, and media planner Karel Wegert at Media Experts.

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