BMW Interactive Video Projections

BMW has been promoting the BMW 1 Series in South Africa with Interactive Video Projections. An interactive racing game was projected on to buildings and scaffolding above high traffic locations in major cities over eight nights. Promoters on the ground helped participants enter their Facebook details via a Galaxy Pad which went on to become the player’s steering wheel. Facebook was integrated by posting the user’s interaction to the BMW1 Series fan page, as well as the racer’s personal profile. The post congratulated the user on engaging with the BMW interactive projection and listed the activation’s location. There were 810 campaign Facebook posts, so considering a Facebook user has an average 130 friends, it is conservatively estimated that 105 300 were exposed to the campaign through Facebook alone.

BMW Projected Game Screen

Click on the image below to play the video.

Facebook is about sharing experiences, and as racing naturally evokes a competitive edge, users could share this and their location by harnessing the Like and Share buttons. Participants with a good enough lap time went onto the Facebook lead board, designed and developed by iLogic in real time.

BMW Projected Game Screen

BMW Facebook Leaderboard

BMW projected Leaderboard

The BMW interactive projection was part of a larger BMW multi-media campaign. Activation dates were revealed via blogging. The campaign went offline as BMW branded gifts were given out, and word of mouth and viral marketing transpired when people were exposed to the brand while interacting socially.

BMW What' Your Favourite Expression


The Interactive Video Projections campaign was developed at iLogic, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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