Beat R4v3n Chupa Chucker

Prefetti van Melle is running “Chupa Chucker”, an interactive Facebook game promoting Chupa Chups. Gamers everywhere are invited to dethrone “R4v3n” Karl Walraven, professional Facebook gamer and all round winner, at the game he knows best: Chupa Chucker. Beat R4v3n Chupa Chucker high score, and he’ll be contractually forced to send you his precious World Champion trophy! Defeating him won’t be easy however, for he has a secret and strange weapon up his sleeve: It’s only the world’s first mouth operated joystick! To challenge R4v3n and his amazing peripheral go to: or Raven has is own Facebook page.

Chupa Chucker Raven

Chupa Chucker Credits

The Chupa Chucker campaign was developed at BBH Singapore by regional executive creative director Steve Elrick, associate creative directors Adrian Chan and Douglas Hamilton, product director Pieter-Paul Walraven, product manager Dillah Zakbah, business director David Webster, associate account director Joanna Yeo, account executive Samantha Dalton, engagement planner Rachel Filer, engagement planner Lindsey Cummings, working with professional gaming guru Karl “R4v3n” Walraven.

The game was produced at Atommica.