BBC Olympic Torch Relay

The BBC has launched its Olympic Torch Relay campaign with an animated film highlighting the design of the torch itself and the 8000 holes in the design that represent the 8000 torch bearers. The trail opens on the DNA of the Olympic Flame and then pulls out to reveal the beautiful golden Olympic Torch, created in graphical dots. These dots begin to make up forms and characters. We see animated runners holding the torch and people coming together in celebration. As it reaches the end of the trail it pulls out to reveal celebrations taking place across the United Kingdom.

BBC Olympic Torch Relay

Click on the image below to play the BBC Olympic Torch Relay video.

Olympic Torch Relay Credits

The Olympic Torch Relay campaign was developed at RKCR/Y&R, London, by executive creative director Damon Collins, creatives Jules Chalkley, Nick Simons, account directors David Pomfret and Charlie Smith, and at & Red Bee Media.

Animation was produced at Studio AKA by producer Sarah Caddy, production manager Jane Hunt, director Kristian Andrews, animation producer Sharon Titmarsh, previs artist Anna Kubik and Sander Jones, animators Sander Jones, Boris Kossmehl and Marie Verhoeven, 3D modelling team Adam Avery, Cristobal Infante, Ali Matar, ICE particle FX team Fabrice Altman, Rob Chapman, Cristobal Infante, Olly Nash, Doug Kennedy, compositing team Daniel Garnerone, James Gaillard, artist Daniel Garnerone, and editor Nic Gill.

The Olympic Torch was deisgned by Barber Osgerby. Music was composed and performed by Elbow.