Barrie D’Rozario Murphy Changes Name

Minneapolis ad agency Barrie D’Rozario Murphy (BD’M) is celebrating its 5th anniversary on April 1st by announcing that it will be changing its name to BD’MHSRLCZNUKGW QUPDEFJVOTHWICYSTEFMGLPBAH. Bob Barrie, Stuart D’Rozario and David Murphy have added the first initial of key agency personnel and clients who worked with the agency during the past 5 years and who helped the agency be named 4A’s “Best Small Agency in the U.S.” along the way.

BDM Name Change

“There are so many people who have been key to our success over the past five years,” said BD’MHSRLCZNUKGWQUPDEFJVOTHWICYSTEFMGLPBAH Co-President David Murphy. “The name change is just a small gesture to thank these people who have helped us grow.”

“It was really nice of them to add a second “M” said Deborah Meyer, Chief Marketing Officer of Pulte Homes, as she struggled with the agency’s new name. “After twenty years in the marketing business, I can truly say I’ve never felt more integrated with my agency.”

“I personally was hoping to add a hyphenated name to the agency, or at least another apostrophe,” admitted Stuart D’Rozario, Co-President and Creative Director. “I’m a little self-conscious about being the only funky punctuation in there.”

“This truly demonstrates BD’MHSRLCZNUKGWQUPDEFJVOTHWICYSTEFMGLPBAH’s commitment to our ‘No walls’ philosophy,” said Bob Barrie, Creative Director of Visual Branding. “The new logo also gave me a wonderful opportunity to play with colors.
I love playing with colors,” he added, staring wistfully out the window.

Chuck Porter, Chairman and Founder of Crispin Porter + Bogusky and a longtime admirer of BD’M before it became BD’MHSRLCZNUKGWQUPDEFJVOTHWICYSTEF MGLPBAH, said he understood the reasoning behind the change. “It’s a real differentiator for them,” he said. “A lot of agencies pay lip service to being a family, to working closely with their clients. But what other shop has committed their receptionists to actually reciting a 25-second acronym every time they answer the phone? In this respect, BD’MHSRLCZNUKGWQUPDEFJVOTHWICYSTEFMGLPBAH stands alone. They’re even making them say the word, ‘apostrophe’.”

A spokesperson for Guinness World Records confirmed that there is currently no category for world’s longest ad agency name, “But when you take into account the public’s insatiable appetite for everything having to do with advertising, we would certainly consider adding such a category in the future.”