BAE Submarine Deconstruction

BAE Systems promoted career opportunities in the submarine engineering field with a commercial deconstructing a nuclear submarine. A one minute animation sequence using 3000 pieces takes the viewer from submarine footage down to the level of one bolt in the hand. “For talented engineers, the chance to work on the Royal Navy’s Astute and Successor class of submarines is a once-in-lifetime opportunity. See beneath the surface and discover more about the challenges and engineering triumphs behind one of the most challenging engineering projects ever undertaken in the UK. For more information visit”

BAE Submarine Deconstructed

“Constructed from over a million components. Filled with more complex engineering challenges than a space shuttle. Holding a nuclear reactor capable of keeping a city the size of Southampton in power. The facts and figures that lie beneath the surface of the Royal Navy’s new Astute class submarines are impressive. And behind every single one of those statistics you’ll find a brilliant engineer. Now, with the confirmation of the new Successor class submarines, this huge project is predicted to take decades to complete. And to finish it, we need the cream of this generation’s engineering talent. Could you be part of the team?


The Career Opportunities ad was developed at Alexander Mann Solutions by creative director Andy Gregory.

Animation was produced at Big Buoy/Jam Films by director Jordan Andreopoulos and director/VFX supervisor Mark Robinson. CGI was produced at Smoke + Mirrors by CGI artist/team lead Keith Rogers, CGI artist/assist and animator Simon Wottage, texture creation artist Alex Clarke, and producer Sarah Walsh.