Axe Anarchy Is Here in Graphic Novel

Unilever is promoting Anarchy, Axe‘s first women’s fragrance, with a branded serialized graphic novel on YouTube and Facebook in partnership with Aspen Comics and digital agency Razorfish. The graphic novel, launched on the Axe Youtube channel, provides fans with the capacity to add their own suggestions to the storyline and plot, with new episodes uploaded every few days. The campaign includes a set of live action commercials, starting with Cops and Robbers.

Axe Anarchy Graphic Novel Youtube page

Click on the image below to play the Cops and Robbers video.

Click on the image below to play the Graphic Novel video.


The Axe Anarchy Graphic Novel campaign was developed at Razorfish by executive creative director Frederic Bonn, group creative director Pierre Odendaal, creative lead Alex Bodman, creative lead (design) Lian Chang, associate creative director Jen Shreve, art director Wii Yatani, senior designer Luke Li, designer Nolan Constantino, associate experience director Kyle Outlaw, senior producers Michael Prieto and Michael Moscardini, senior planner Phillip Lee, client partner Deborah Korono, global client partner Barbara Ward Thall, creative services manager Belinda Lopez, creative resource manager Yael Bloom, video editor Gene Graham.

Comics are being drawn at Aspen Comics by comic writer Scott Lobdell and comic artist Franchesco. Technical development at Emerge is by technical director Julian Pscheid.

Video production is being produced at A76 Productions. Music is produced at FireWire Music Company by executive producer Koo Abuali and composer Troy MacCubbin.

The Cops and Robbers commercial was developed at BBH by creative directors David Kolbusz and Dominic Goldman, creative team Daniel Schaefer adn Szymon Rose, producer Ruben Mercadel, team manager Jennifer Omran and team director Richard Lawson, working with Axe global brand director Tomas Marcenaro.

Filming for Cops and Robbers was shot by director Chris Palmer via Gorgeous with producer Suzie Greene Tedesco and director of photography Eric Steelberg.

Post production was done at Framestore. Editors was Biff Butler at Rock Paper Scissors, Los Angeles, and Jonnie Scarlett at The Quarry, London. Sound was designed at Phaze UK and mixed at Wave Studios.