Australia Day Barbie Girl

Meat & Livestock Australia has wheeled out Sam Kekovich another advertising campaign promoting lamb on the barbecue as the patriotic choice for Australia Day. Pop culture’s now rife with unAustralian behaviour. Sam’s only antidote is to create ‘Chop Culture’ and go viral himself with his chop song “Barbie Girl”, aiming to get to the top of the Nova Australia Day Countdown. You know it makes sense.

Barbie Girl Lamb Barbie World poster

After years travelling the world on his one-man crusade against unAustralianism, Sam Kekovich has realised the job is too big for him and his dodgy knees alone. Old-fashioned diplambacy just isn’t cutting it in this day and age. So it’s time to change his tune and embrace popular culture. If UnAustralianism has gone viral, Sam’s only antidote is to do the same. Click on the image below to play the 2012 Australia Day Address in YouTube

Sam Kekovich is joined by pop starlet Melissa Tkautz, Australia’s Got Talent winners Justice Crew and pop guru Richard Wilkins to peform “Barbie Girl”. Click on the image below to play the music video.

Barbie Girl Lamb Barbie World poster
Barbie Girl Lamb Barbie World poster

Barbie Girl Credits

The Barbie Girl campaign was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative directors Dylan Taylor and Dennis Koutoulogenis, associate creative director Jake Rusznyak, agency producer Mel Herbert, print producer Alex MacArthur, planner Christina Aventi, interactive lead Josh Akmens, social media coordinator Angela Graham, account managers Rebecca Morton, Kelly Howard and Sarah Hood, working with Meat & Livestock marketing team Magali Duveau and Andrew Cox.

Filming was shot by director Craig Melville via Jungleboys with producer David Curry.

Visual Effects were produced at Emerald City.

Sound was produced at Jam, Sydney.

Photography is by Gerard O’Connor.

Media was handled by Universal McCann. PR was handled by Hausmann.