Audi Swan from Ugly Duckling

“Audi Swan”, set to the music of Danny Kaye’s “The Ugly Duckling”, tells the story of how the cutting-edge Audi concept vehicles of the 1920s have progressed into the stunning and aerodynamically efficient cars of today. Paul Jaray, a designer known for his groundbreaking research into streamlining, designed concept cars for Tatra, Audi, Chrysler, Mercedes Benz and other manufacturers. In 1922 he built streamlined bodies for three cars, the Ley T6, the Audi K 14/50 PS and the Dixi 6/24 PS. Jaray followed on with the 1933 Audi Streamliner. The concept car was never taken into production. The Audi in the “Swan” ad is shown being rejected by locals. As it arrives at the lake it is transformed into the Audi A5.

Audi Swan commercial

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Audi Swan Credits

The Audi Swan ad was developed at BBH and Addictive Pixel, London, by creative directors Nick Kidney and Kevin Stark, creatives Matt Doman and Ian Heartfield, agency producer Ruben Mercadal and assistant producer Roz Prentice, account director Simon Coles, account manager Polly Knowles and strategy director Neil Godber working with Audi UK brand and communications manager Kristian Dean.

Filming was shot in Slovenia by director Joachim Back via Park Pictures with producer Jeremy Barnes and director of photography Jan Velicky, production designer Max Gottlieb, stylist Michelle May and model car maker Martin Pac. Local production was by Bas Production.

Post production was done at The Moving Picture Company by colorist Jean Clement Soret, online editor Jay Bandlish and producer Ellora Chowdhury.

Editing was done at Whitehouse Post. Sound was produced at Factory.