AT&T Daybreak 2012 Episodes 1 to 5

AT&T has launched “Daybreak”, an immersive entertainment experience designed to give people a new way to experience storytelling across multiple layers of media. Launched on, the interactive drama is explored through five online films, two websites and a smartphone app, each exploring different facets of an exciting and complex character journey. Daybreak began on TV with Touch, the Fox series created by Tim Kring and starring Kiefer Sutherland, when a mysterious object called a dodecahedron was introduced in the final three episodes of the show. The dodecahedron is a “central character” in Daybreak.

AT&T Daybreak Site

Teaser advertising run in Touch invited fans of the series to continue following the dodecahedron on, where a new narrative unfolds around Ben Wilkins, a reluctant hero trapped at the center of a global conspiracy. Ben will use innovation and technologies from AT&T on his quest to return the dodecahedron to its rightful place. An underground group, called the Jack Boxers, assists Ben on his mission as he faces adversity from one of the world’s most powerful and corrupt families. Fans can support Ben by visiting and and interacting with bonus storyline content, the Daybreak characters and other fans. They can also tap into these channels to dig even deeper into the Daybreak universe.

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Daybreak series features AT&T technology such as the HTC One X device, the AT&T Translator and AT&T WatsonSM speech recognition technology. Daybreak also introduces an AT&T Lab prototype called Air Graffiti, which uses GPS to enable friends to leave messages about certain locations. In addition to, the series will also be posted on Hulu, YouTube,,, AT&T’s U-verse (video on demand), and various other AT&T properties.

AT&T Jackboxers Site
AT&T Daybreak Poster

Daybreak Credits

The Daybreak campaign was developed at BBDO New York by chief creative officer David Lubars, executive creative director Greg Hahn, senior creative director David Carter, senior creative director/copywriter Adam Reeves, creative director/art director Danilo Boer, executive producers of content and developmen Julian Katz and Nicholas Gaul, interactive executive producers Clemens Brandt and Joe Croson, associate interactive producer Emily Cohen.

Filming was shot by director Jon Cassar via RSA Films, Los Angeles, with executive producers Jules Daly, Tracie Norfleet and Tom Dunlap, producer Dylan Massin, 2nd unit producer Jan Wieringa and director of photography Curtis Wehr.

Editors were David Henegar and Ray Daniels at Butcher Edit, Santa Monica, with executive producer Rob Van, post supervisor Chris Ott, producer Christina Neferis.

Visual effects were produced at Zoic Studios by executive producers Gina Fiore and Eric McCasline, creative director Simon Mowbray, VFX on-set supervisor Mitch Drain, VFX producer Jennie Burnett, head of production Ian Unterreiner, art director Tony Meister, executive creative directors/co-owners Loni Peristere and Chris Jones.

Telecine was produced at Incendio, Venice, by colorists Clark Muller and Adolfo Martinelli, and executive producer Christina Caldwell.

Audio post production was done at Wilshire Editorial, Los Angeles, by supervising sound editor William Dotson, supervising DX/ADR editor Cathie Speakman, sound designer Jeff Witcher, sound editor Daryl Fontenault, foley recordist Shawn Kennelly. Music was produced at Visual Music by composer Bear McCreary and recorded at Wilshire Edit, Los Angeles.

Interactive work was done at North Kingdom, Stockholm, by creative director Marcus Ivarsson, client director Roger Stighäll, producer Mia Berggren, production manager Linda Brockman, senior art director Jakob Nylund, design director Robert Lindström, lead 3D artist Mathias Lindgren, technical director Einar Öberg, designer Jonas Eriksson, senior UX artists Jim Olofsson and Alfredo Aponte, junior AX Ana Cecilia Martins, junior planners Begga Hauksdottir and Caitlin Sullivan.

Mobile production was done at Monterosa, Stockholm, by project manager Johan Ståhle, creative director Carl Bock, technical director Anton Holmquist, producer Katrin Hjelm, lead interaction designer Hannes Wikström, senior iOS developer Anders Frank, iOS developers Anton Holmberg; Andreas Areschoug, senior Android developers Andreas Mattsson and Henric Malmberg.

Backend development was done at Earth People by Fredrik Mjelle and Peder Fjällström.

Interactive sound design was produced at Dinahmoe by sound designers Johan Belin and Erik Brattlöf.