ASICS Marathon Installations

ASICS sponsorship of the 2011 ING New York City Marathon was promoted in a Marathon Experience transit advertising campaign inside New York City’s Columbus Circle subway station. 60-foot-long video screens featured interactive displays, ASICS products and inspirational messages that built up to the marathon. The campaign included the interactive “Run with Ryan” video wall, the “Wall of Names”, and “Slices of Life”.

ASICS Marathon New York City Marathon Wall

“Run With Ryan” involved a setting up a 60-foot video wall in the Columbus Circle subway station and challenging passersby to race against top U.S. marathoner Ryan Hall, known for his 4.46 minute mile race pace. No one could keep up Ryan’s his 6-foot-10 stride length and 4:46 mile pace, even for 60 feet. After the race, fans were presented with a humbling fact: Ryan Hall runs this fast for 26.2 miles.

ASICS Marathon New York City Marathon Run with Ryan wall
ASICS Marathon New York City Marathon Run With Ryan runners

You Simply Can’t Run Faster Than Ryan Hall. We dare you to race this ad. Hint: you’ll lose. For the 2011 New York City Marathon, Vitro and ASICS asked a surprising question: are you faster than our advertising? The answer for everyone who took us up on the challenge was, No. Click on the image below to play the video.

Wall of Names

The Wall of Names in Columbus Circle featured the name of every runner registered with the marathon.

ASICS Wall of Names

Slices of Life

Another exhibit, “Slices of Life,” detailed various pieces of the marathon experience through compelling visual interpretations. From a shoelace sculpture that replicates ASICS tiger stripes to the role of the New York City Police Department to the vast number of water cups discarded during the race, each item portrayed a vital piece of the marathon puzzle. A New York city artist created “Reycled Runner” using recycled trash from prior races. Everything from band-aids and water bottles to gel packs, paper cups and other debris will transform into a mural depicting one runner finishing the race.

ASICS New York City Marathon Recycled Runner
ASICS New York City Marathon New Person Smell
ASICS New York City Marathon Baptism By Borough
ASICS New York City Marathon Experience
ASICS New York City Marathon Just The Start
ASICS New York City Marathon The Race Ends The Journey Continues

Stop At Never

ASICS used the subway advertising exhibit to debut its 2012 mantra, “Stop at Never” commercial, highlighting the company’s commitment to athletic excellence and technological innovation, the same inspirations at the core of the Marathon Experience at Columbus Circle. Click on the image below to play the Stop At Never video.

ASICS Marathon Credits

The ASICS Marathon campaign was developed at Vitro, San Diego, by creative directors John Vitro and KT Thayer, art director Kevin Lukens, copywriter Schuyler Vanden Bergh, and agency producer Mickey Strider.

Outdoor installations were produced by CBS Outdoor and Inwindow Outdoor.