As You Dreamt It

As You Dreamt It is a collaboration between dreamers and some of Australia’s finest photographers to recreate and capture people’s recurring dreams for an exhibition. The exhibition, which is hosted in a gallery in Sydney, Australia, as well as online via aims to bring our dreams out of the dark for all to see.

As You Dreamt It Lettuce Hands

As You Dreamt It Unicorn

The project was created by creative agency BMF, which worked with the dreamers and photographers to recreate and interpret the dreams, enabling the dreamers to confront their recurring dreams and create a magical experience in the process. BMF also enlisted a Dream Doctor to analyse the dreams and provide her interpretations on the hidden meanings and symbols.

The exhibition is supported by an online experience, which features all the dreams in addition to interviews with the dreamers, photographers and the Dream Doctor. BMF intends to make As You Dreamt It an ongoing experience and is inviting dreamers to submit a dream and the creative community to sign up to recreate a dream via the website or through social media channels including Facebook Twitter @asyoudreamtit and Vimeo.

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