Art Against Knives Dali and Van Gogh

Art Against Knives, a youth-led charity in the UK, promoted their recent auction and exhibition at Boxpark, London, with a retouched version of Salvador Dali’s 1931 painting “Persistence of Memory”. Instead of a clock we see a knife melting over the edge of a table. Framed copies of the painting, with a certificate of authenticity, were sent out to key players in the British art world with an invitation to the exhibition. Art Against Knives was launched by British artists in response to the tragic stabbing of Oliver Hemsley, a 21 year old student from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design. Funds from the sale of art go towards art initiatives that reduce the root causes of knife crime by providing an alternative to violent gang culture. The first exhibition was promoted with a retouched version of Van Gogh’s 1889 painting, “Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear” in which the bandage is removed and his ear is reattached.

Art Against Knives Salvador Dali framed

Art Against Knives Salvador Dali framed
Art Against Knives Van Gogh framed

Art Against Knives Credits

The Dali campaign was developed at Leagas Delaney, London, by creative director Nigel Roberts, art director Pete Davies, copywriter Adam Rimmer, agency producer Alexa Easterby, photographer Sophie Broadbridge, illustrator Martin Hargreaves, with retouching done at Loupe Digital Imaging. The Van Gogh campaign was developed by creative director Tim Delaney, art director Chris Clarke, copywriter Matt Moreland, with retouching at Loupe Digital Imaging.