April Fool Ads in Australia

Here’s a collection of April Fool’s Day pranks from Australia, including print and online campaigns for Ikea (Product Recall), Mini (Build Yourself a Mini Countryman), Thirsty Camel (Free Beer), BMW (No more luxury car tax), Google Australia (Street Roo) and Vegemite (Cherry Flavour). IKEA’s prank involved a product recall on left-handed Allen Keys, asking consumers who have picked up an erroneous key to swap for a correct version at store entrances.

IKEA Left Handed Allen Key Product Recall

Consumers were also invited to capture the joy of MINI by building their own Countryman in a unique 29,762 part series. For only 95 cents (plus postage and handling), consumers could get started with week one’s part – screw A-76-FD-1.

Build Your Own Mini Countryman

Bottle shop Thirsty Camel combined April Fool’s Day fun with creative use of newspapers, offering consumers free beer – kinda. Consumers were encouraged to cut out the free beer newspaper ad and insert it in a glass. The free beer offer expired 11:59pm April 1 and was not valid for real beer.

Thirsty Camel Free Beer

BMW ran another impressive newspaper ad, playing with the proposed luxury car tax. The advertisement argued a technical exemption on the basis that that BMW vehicles were in fact the “ultimate driving machine” and not “cars”, which current legislation defines as station wagons, 4WDs and limousines.

BMW Exempt from Luxury Car Tax

Telstra announced plans to bring back the Gold Phone, online at Telstra Mobile, complete with push button dialling and a large follow on button, multi-coin operation, and easy to read non-high-definition visual display.

Telstra Gold Phone

Google Australia used April 1 to announce plans to map the whole of the Australian outback using kangaroos. Street Roo involves strapping cameras to kangaroos and sending them off into the wild. Specially designed technology offsets the bounce effect. It’s all online at the Google Australia blog

Google Street Roo

Kraft horrified Vegemite Facebook fans with the announcement of a new flavour, “Cherry”.

Vegemite Cherry Flavour