AOK Non Smokers Calendar

AOK, a health insurance company in Germany, promoted their non-smoking program with the Nichtraucher-kalender, a spectacular, high quality calendar conveying the positive effects of quitting smoking for one year. Each month in the typographic art calendar shows a black pair of smoker’s lungs. Using an innovative laser tech-nology, the lungs have a filigree pattern cut out of them making the under-lying pages also visible. With each passing month, as the pages are removed, the lungs become lighter and lighter until, in December, the lungs are almost clear. The message: A year without cigarettes and your lungs can breathe again.

AOK Non Smokers Calendar


The Non Smokers Calendar was produced at Serviceplan Health & Life by creative director Mike Rogers, creative director/art director Wolfgang Nagel, copywriter Christoph Bohlender, producers Gabi Grötzbach-Fischer and Johannes Keppler.

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