Amnesty Letters Are Powerful

Amnesty International has launched Letters Are Powerful, a commercial championing the writing of letters of advocacy, drawing inspiration from the life-changing and life-enhancing letters written each day. Writing letters as a method of communication has dwindled in our technological age, yet these inspiring few moments manage to exhibit the power, dignity and intent of this timeless skill.

Amnesty Letter Box in Letters Are Powerful commercial

Click on the image below to play the Letters Are Powerful video.

Amnesty UK encourages viewers to move towards action. “As much as we love the digital revolution here at Amnesty, we want you to walk away from Twitter, Facebook, your blog or that mildly amusing video of a cat.
 We’d like you to send a good old-fashioned, hand-written letter, and change someone’s life today.

 For 50 years Amnesty’s members have helped thousands of prisoners of conscience claim their freedom.
 Letters are powerful, imagine receiving tens, then hundreds, then sackloads. Now it’s your turn: pick up a pen and write for human rights and pledge to write one of those letters at

Letters Are Powerful Credits

Filming was shot by director and producer Kat Mansoor via The Hobo Film Company with director of photography Mattias Nyberg, executive producer James Lees, assistant producers Tessa Morgan and Eleanor Emmanuel.

Editor was Chris McKay at Cut + Run. Sound and music were produced by Nikky French at A Sound Idea. Post production was done at Halo Post, London.

Executive producer James Lees talks about the inspiration for the video. “Amnesty International approached me after seeing my short film ‘Pockets’ that I made for Channel 4 a couple of years ago. They were keen to capture similar personal stories and create a sense of empathy with real members of the public to launch their Write For Rights campaign. I loved the idea of creating a ‘love letter to letters’ so I adapted the Pockets idea to work with real people talking about letters they had received or sent themselves. Kat and I have worked together before so I knew she’d have the skill and sensitivity to pull off an important project like this in the tight timeframe we had to find and shoot authentic subjects.”