Amnesty Absences

Amnesty International Uruguay partnered with Lowe Gingko and photographer Gustavo Germano to run an award-winning print and outdoor advertising campaign, “Absences”, raising awareness of the impact of state-sanctioned murders thirty years on. Gustavo Germano has been running “Ausencias“, a photographic exhibition of photographs featuring the surviving family members recreating scenes in which their loved ones were present years before. The project was inspired by Gustavo’s own experience of having a brother kidnapped, tortured and murdered by the Argentine Army and Police of the Province of Santa Fe. The Amnesty campaign, Omar, Eduardo, Claudio, Roberto, with the word, “Recordamos” (We Remember), won a Gold Press Lion and a Gold Outdoor Lion and was shortlisted for Grand Prix for Good at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Amnesty Omar

Omar Dario Amestoy, 31, Maria del Carmen Fettolini, 29, Maria Eugenia Amestoy, 5, and Fernando Amestoy, 3, were murdered on November 19, 1976, in the “Masacre de la calle Juan B. Justo”, San Nicolas de los Arroyos, Buenos Aires. Omar Dario Amestoy and Mario Alfredo Amestoy are shown in 1975, with only Mario in 2006.

Amnesty Eduardo

Raul Eduardo Germano, 18, was kidnapped on December 17, 1976 in Rosario (Santa Fe), tortured, and murdered. Pictured here are Gustavo M. Germano, William A. Germano, HM Diego Germano and Eduardo R. Germano in 1969, and then without Eduardo in 2006.

Amnesty Claudio

Claudio Marcelo Fink is shown here with his mother Clara Atelman Fink in 1974. In 1976, at the age of 23 he was kidnapped, ag in 1976 by a paramilitary group, and court martialled in 1977 as a terrorist. Clara is photographed by herself in 2006.

Amnesty Roberto

Roberto Ismael Sorba, is shown with a friend, Jorge Crest and sister Azucena Sorba in 1968. In 1976 Roberto was kidnapped in Santa Fe. Has has not been seen since.


The Amnesty Absences campaign was developed at Lowe Ginkgo, Montevideo, by chief creative officer Gabriel Román, executive creative directors Sebastián Mir, Fernando De Clemente and Jorge Gonzalez, creative directors Diego Román and Gonzalo López Baliñas, copywriters Mateo Vidal and Camila De Simone, art directors Agustin Acosta, Álvaro Díaz and Luis Meyer, photographer Gustavo Germano, account supervisor Marcelo Bonomi, account managers Marcelo Bonomi and Marcelo Bonomi.