Amarok Automatic Online

Volkswagen has launched the new automatic version of the Amarok in Brazil with an automatic site, Just like in the pick-up, people can also choose their option of transmission. If the user chooses to browse in the automatic mode, Amarok identifies the obstacles in the corner of the screen without the person having to use the mouse or the keyboard. The webcam scans the face and the navigation occurs automatically, only with the eyes.

Amarok Automatic Mode

Amarok Automatic Mode

Amarok Automatic Site - Inicio

Amarok Automatic Site - Areia


The Automatic Amarok site was developed at AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo, by general creative director Luiz Sanches, creative directors Andre Kassu and Marcos Medeiros, co-creative directors Luciana Haguiara, Sandro Rosa, art directors Ricardo Pocci, Sandro Rosa, Guilherme Nunes, copywriter João Paulo Testa, technology director Fernando Boniotti, interactive designer Vanessa Marques, account team Vanessa Previero, Ana Beatriz Moreira Porto, Aline Macedo, Leilaini Holdorf and Roberta Prevedello, project manager Ana Carolina Cintra.

Production was done at Vetor Zero. Programming was done at On Interactive. Sound was produced at cromo.sônica and Studio Tesis.