Air New Zealand Kiwi Sceptics

Air New Zealand is running a branded content campaign to win over ‘Kiwi-sceptics’, Australians who aren’t convinced enough of New Zealand’s charms to want to go there. NZ comedian Rhys Darby provides the voiceover for a series of four online videos in which four real-life Australian “rejecters” of NZ are paired with compatible Kiwi guides. The websisodes follow Aussie Aussie, The Hipster, Bali Girl and The Europhile as they’re promised a trip to Las Vegas, Berlin, Bali and Europe via New Zealand. They discover that NZ is in fact the final destination. The campaign is online on the Air New Zealand Youtube channel, the AirNZ Australia Facebook page, and at, a NineMSN Travel site where visitors can access more info on the sceptics, their guides, along as well as a range of travel deals and promotions. The campaign is supported with online and print advertising, editorial, advertorial, cinema and social activity.

Air New Zealand Kiwi Sceptics

Aussie Aussie

Martin Lewis is a boxer, a surfer, a petrol head, and former footie player. A true blue who calls New Zealand reserve grade Australia. Meet Martin. He thinks New Zealand is reserve grade Australia. Matua Parkinson is a pig hunter, fisherman, former pro rugby player, and all round awesome bloke. If anyone can man up to the challenge of changing Martin’s mind, it is this man.

Bali Girl

Rebecca Boyd Bais is very Sydney. A self-confessed princess from the lower North Shore. She thinks New Zealand is boring and just for old people. Can Aroha Harawira change her mind? Aroha is a DJ, George FM radio presenter and has all the right hook-ups. She is the ideal lady to take on the challenge of Princess Rebecca.


Patrick Stevenson ticks all the hipster boxes. Part-time DJ. Full-time social photographer. Ironic T-shirt wearer. Ironic tattoo bearer. But Pat’s no fan of New Zealand Meet Patrick. He thinks New Zealand is just full of hobbits and dubstep. Isaac Hindin Miller is a hipster, a fashion blogger, and a lover of Wellington. If anyone can change Pat’s mind, it is Isaac.


Jodi Gryzb is an artist and lover of European culture. Unfortunately her love for Europe is only matched by her apathy for New Zealand. Dr. Lyndon Fraser is a rock ‘n roll academic. The Rod Stewart of New Zealand history. He is the perfect man to turn Europhile, Jodi Grzyb into a Kiwiphile.

Air New Zealand Kiwi Sceptics Credits

The Air New Zealand Kiwi Sceptics campaign was developed for Air New Zealand Australia at Host, Sydney, by business director Dennelle Exton, chief strategy officer Olly Taylor, managing director Suzie Shaw, planner Rory Gallery, broadcast production director Kaija Wall, digital executive creative director Bob Mackintosh, digital planning director Pascal Winkler, digital planner Lilian Sor, digital producers Kevin Bintoro and Kate Bennett, associate digital art director Juca Lopes, executive digital producer Memi Chang, online community manager Zoh McEnally, print producer Anthony Skujins, senior account manager Amber Martin, working with Air New Zealand marketing manager Kelly Millier and brand manager Justine Murphy.

Creative work was produced at The Jamboree, Sydney, by executive creative director/director Leslie Ali, creative director David Smith, art director Ciaran Mccarthy, graphic art director Andrew Guirguis, copywriters Kim Neidhardt and Matthew Ryan, and junior copywriter Edwin Hughan.

Filming was produced at Candid Films by director Bob Macintosh, director of photography Andy Grant, executive producer Jo Melling, production coordinator Yula Morgan, cameraman Morgan Burret, and sound recordist Richard Teague.

Media was handled by PHD.