AIDS Photo Booth

Grupo Vhiver, an AIDS NGO in Brazil, has used a photo booth ambient campaign to promote awareness of the challenges faced by people living with HIV / AIDS, in the lead up to World AIDS Day, December 1. A free photo booth invited customers with the phrase, “Tire sua foto aqui e revele na hora” (Take your photo here and reveal time). After posing for their free photos customers were given a sheet of photographs showing only the curtains in the backround, with the words, “Invisiveis. E assim que os soropositivos se sentem todos os dias. O grupo Vhiver ajuda os portadores de HIV a lutar contra a discriminacao. Ajude tambem. Ligue 3271 8310.” (Invisible. That’s how HIV positive people feel every day. Grupo Vhiver helps people with HIV to fight discrimination. Support also. Call 3271 8310.)

Grupo Vhiver Photo booth women

Click on the image below to play the video.

Grupo Vhiver Photo booth
Grupo Vhiver Photo booth Invisiveis

AIDS Photo Booth Credits

The Photo Booth project was developed at Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte, by creative director Dan Zecchinelli, art director Rafael Gil, copywriter Deborah Vasques, digital project manager Hely Lopes, account director Carolina Cavallini, account manager Debora Simoes, working with Grupo Vhiver president Valdecir Buzon

Filming was shot by director Joao Paz. Special thanks are given to UNA, Sergio Rocha Fernandes, Cristiano Braz and students.

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