9/11 Street Crossings Live For Today

Miami Ad School has marked the 12th anniversary of the 2001 September 11 bombings with a series of patriotic American flag crosswalks in New York City symbolizing unity and remembrance. Placed in Soho, the financial district, and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the crosswalks have the American flag painted with spray chalk, connected with the words, “Live For Today 9/11”. “We want to honor the memories of those lost on that tragic day,” said a spokesman for the group, “But we also want to remind people that living in fear of what might happen is no way to live. Live for today.”

9/11 Live For Today Street Crossing in Financial District, NYC

9/11 Live For Today Street Crossing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC


The Live For Today Street Crossings were developed at Miami Ad School New York by Austin Arnold, Barbara Bandres, Jaime Flynn, Eric Gorodetsky, Stefan Haverkamp, Anja Michel, Brenna Pileggi, Charlie Schneider and Keri Tan.

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