3M Privacy For Your Eyes Only

The 3M Privacy Filter for laptops, tablets and mobile phones is promoted in “For Your Eyes Only”, a print and outdoor advertising campaign developed at DDB Singapore, featuring specially designed collar, hoodie and hair. “If information is power, then the need for data privacy has never been more pressing. 3M Privacy Filter is protective film that is applied onto your laptop, tablet or mobile screen to keep prying eyes away so what’s private stays private.”

3M Privacy Collar

3M Privacy Hair

3M Privacy Hoodie


The 3M Privacy Collar was developed at DDB Singapore by chief creative officer Neil Johnson, executive creative dirctor Joji Jacob, creative director Thomas Yang, art director Khoo Meng Hau, copywriter Adrian Yeap, account director Rowena Bhaghandani, photographer Andrei Jewell, retouchers Peter Barker and Agnes Teo, and producer Samantha Seow at Enfoca.

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