3M Lint Roller Pets

3M India is running a print and poster campaign demonstrating the extra strong adhesive action of 3M Lint Roller. The advertising campaign demonstrates the roller’s ability to pick up all pet hairs from a cat, dog and rabbit.

3M Lint Roller Cat

3M Lint Roller Dog

3M Lint Roller Rabbit


The Lint Roller campaign was developed at Grey Group Singapore by chief creative officer Ali Shabaz, art director Ang Sheng Jin, copywriters Joseph Cheong and Steve Clay, agency producer Bobby Koh and account manager Hari Krishnan. Photography by Jeremy Wong at Nemesis Pictures was retouched by Evan Lim at Magic3.

  • jo

    I’m sorry but this is disgusting.

  • Java

    I hope they used computer imaging to make the rollers. I wouldn’t put it past Asia using real life animals for things like this (which they do a lot of.)


    Wow! Lighten up people. Its so funny, I think its great. Good job 3,