2SOX1GOAL – Love Football, Lose Racism

Football riots have been in the news recently with the deaths associated with violence in an Egyptian stadium. In the UK a number of football fans have gathered together to launch 2SOX1GOAL, a grass roots movement built around a simple but symbolic act, wearing one white sock and one black sock to show that colour doesn’t count in football. Social media, including an online video, has been used to to capture the momentum and outrage that real football fans and players feel toward the racist incidents that have marred the professional game. Football fans are invited to show their support on the field, posting their own videos of their teams wearing one black son and one white sock, connecting together on the 2sox1goal Facebook page.

2Sox1Goal Black and White

The two-and-a-half minute film ‘2SOX1GOAL – Love Football, Lose Racism’ acts as a call to action to youth and Sunday League teams to join in and post their own videos. The black and white film opens with the text “Racism still exists in football. If the adults can’t sort it out…” before cutting to slow motion footage of youth football and the white sock, black sock idea in action, all set to the hymn ‘Abide With Me’. In the final frames, the film flicks in to colour and we see a muddied black and white sock together on the pitch with the endline “Love Football. Lose Racism” Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Love Football, Lose Racism campaign was developed at Johnny Fearless. Filming was directed and produced at Joint Effort Studios. Post production was by Smoke & Mirrors.