You’d Look Good as a Snowman

Stone Canoe, a digital studio in Toronto, Canada, has produced “You’d Look Good as a Snowman”, a fun site combining the festive elements of a white Christmas with the mysteries of the night. “To thank our clients for a great year, we wanted to spread a little fun this holiday season. So we set to work pushing the boundaries of HTML5 in Chrome, Firefox and iOS5, while adding a festive twist. Try your hand at building a snowman in HTML5 and bring the holidays to life! …sort of. Just make sure your browser’s up to date before you play.”

Merry La Mort

Merry La Mort


The Merry La Mort campaign was developed at Stone Canoe by creative director James Cam, illustrator Sara Golish, writer Pip Scowcroft, producers Efehan Elbi and Michael Faust.

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