XL-BYGG It’s In Our Blood

XL-BYGG, a builders merchant in Norway, builds the stuff of legends in “It’s in Our Blood”, a television commercial celebrating the dedication of its staff. A customer corners one of XL-BYGG’s staff to see if it’s true that he and all his colleagues all come from the same place. We’re taken for a flashback to a remote Norwegian village focusing entirely on hardware and construction.

XL-BYGG Chainsaw school

Click on the image below to play the It’s In Our Blood video.

In Our Blood Credits

The XL-BYGG Blood ad was developed at TBWA\OSLO, Oslo, by creative director/copywriter Erik Heisholt, art director Eva Grefstad Knudsen, copywriter Cecilie Falch, graphic designer Tom Lenartowicz, project manager Janniche Rasmussen, and account director Anniken Pettersborg, working with XL-BYGG marketing director Willy Flermoen.

Filming was shot by director Aksel Hennie via 4 1/2, Oslo, with producer Magnus Castracane.

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