Would You Care More for Blue Fin Tuna

WWF France is running a print advertising campaign connecting the plight of the Bluefin Tuna (Thon Rouge) with the popular causes of the panda, rhinoceros and gorilla. Tuna are shown wearing panda, rhino and gorilla masks, with the question, “Would you care more if I was a panda?” The campaign is a continuation of an earlier print advertisement run in November 2010 in which readers were encouraged to join protests carrying white flags. The original print ad asked the question in French. “Feriez-vous plus attention a moi si j’etais un panda?”.

WWF Blue Fin Panda print ad

“The Bluefin Tuna is being hunted to extinction. So, like a few other species, it would appreciate your help”.

WWF Blue Fin Rhino print ad

WWF Blue Fin Gorilla print ad

WWF Thon Rouge Panda print ad

Le thon rouge est en danger. Si nous voulons offrir un avenir a cette magnifique espèce. En 2011, mettons un terme aux pratiques de pêche industrielle et protégeons ses zones de reproduction. Du 17 au 27 Novembre 2010, “Hissons le drapeu blanc pour le thon rouge”. Retrouvez-nous sur www.wwf.fr et www.planete-attitude.fr le premier reseau social nature-environnement.


The Blue Fin Tuna campaign was developed at Ogilvy, Paris, by creative director Chris Garbutt, copywriter Arnaud Vanhelle, art director Benoît Raynert and photographer Thomas Mangold. Photographer for the earlier print ad was Régis Fialaire, with retouching done by Brigitte Carasco.

  • adam smolkowicz

    not a bad concept

  • Chris Auret

    As an advertising student 2 years ago my writer and I did this campaign. Not so sure how it got here… but the concept and even the copy is almost bang on a replicate of our idea. hmmm…

    check the link below for small images.


    • Michael Jones

      Nice work

    • keno

      La ressemblance est frappante …

  • Graeme Caplen

    Yeah this idea is stolen, no props to those who did this.

    A friend of mine created this concept like 2 years ago.. these ad’s are identical, the copy isn’t even different.

    Lame one Ogilvy, thought you were better than this.

  • Penny

    Can’t believe they just copied like that…dinosaurs like Ogilvy should realise that the digital world (and especially creative dialogue) is too small to get away with that kind of blatant infringement.
    Its not even, conceivably, image sampling. It’s just theft.

    I’d be REALLY embarrassed if I were them.

  • Chris Auret
  • Looks like Ogilvy Paris could use some real substance and fresh ideas. Mistaking theft for business is bad for the long-term.

    And looks like WWF needs a better partner.

    I vote down.

  • tuna joe

    No, I care about you because you taste DEELICIOUS you saucy bastards!

    I kill because I care!

    But seriously, I eat sardines whenever possible :/ You guys gotta recover so I can continue eating you.

  • john

    Bluefin tuna are not going extinct! not even close, the numbers of them have increased 10 fold in the last 20 years.

  • Mike Hart

    Mmmmmm, what’s for dinner?